Consultancy services

Although primarily a health and safety training company, Mesh-4-Training use our wide network of health and safety experts to provide high quality consultancy services, whether as a follow up after a course or as a standalone project.

If you would like to discuss a consultancy opportunity with us, please use our enquiry form or call us on 0845 266 5063.

Do you need a consultant?

It is our humble opinion that the best health & safety consultants for your business are your very own employees and their team leaders or supervisors—they are the ones familiar with and facing the everyday hazards in your organisation’s particular working environment.

As such you must always ask yourself the serious question whether it is more prudent to invest in developing your in-house health and safety competency through training and development or whether to bring in external expertise. In certain cases the need for this type of professional assistance is inevitable.

What can we offer?

We can ensure that your business implements a sustainable health & safety working policy and related arrangements. With time limited in your busy daily schedules the introduction of an experienced resource to assist you with independent opinion and guidance backed by professional knowledge, is traditionally most welcome and sometimes legally required in other fields of expertise (accountants / lawyers / etc.) so why think differently about health & safety?

Some clients ask us to diagnose and analyse “what’s already in place” and subsequently assist them in implementing improvements, others call upon our extensive expertise in a broad range of industry sectors to guide them and help them create a compliant and workable solution from scratch.

Be aware of the law

Regulation 7 of the “Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations” (MHSWR) expects you to appoint, or have access to, a competent person. You may well select to appoint internally, however, often the more cost efficient solution is to agree a support package including legal updates and what they mean for your business, health & safety reviews, staff training, supplier vetting, etc., with a professional and experienced external outfit such as Mesh-4-Training.